Voyeur Boudoir is Denise & Tay Voye, a husband and wife team of fun-loving creative professionals who enjoy having cocktail parties with new friends, getting made-up, trying on sexy lingerie, laughing, joking and having a great time.  Oh, and we take pictures too!  We are committed to getting shots that you will remember forever.  Come to our Auburn location or our portable studio can come to your home. We can also come to the location of your choice be it an elegant upscale hotel or B&B, or even the great outdoors.

Who we are:

Denise is our Director of Fabulousness: Wardrobe Consultant, Professional Shopper, Posing Coach, Nurse and Bartender. She knows the outfit that will make you look fabulous, even if it's nothing but a flower in your hair! She will make sure everything matches and is accessorized appropriately, that all the details are perfect, no tags are sticking out, and that your pose and outfit all look great. She is also a bubbly and exuberant character who will make certain that you spend the shoot laughing and having a great time.

Tay is our Photographer. He started in photography over 40 years ago as the favorite subject of his mother, who was also an accomplished photographer. He would watch her develop prints in the lab, and she would keep him from drinking the chemicals. He studied photography in college and has been shooting a variety of subjects for over 20 years. He is the master of F-stops, apertures, ISO, flash-synch and all things geeky and digital. He is also an accomplished Photoshop Wizard, and can magically and realistically eliminate evidence of your past indulgences and/or indiscretions. Read more about our Ethical Guidelines for Photoshop.

Contact us for more information and/or quote. We'd love to hear your ideas too!