All the women in your photos have perfect bodies/skin/eyes/hair, I can't look like that!!!
No, they don't.  Yes, you can.  

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

Absolutely! In fact we highly recommend it. A close friend will provide a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere which will put you at ease, make you more confident and make your shots all the better. Here's an even better deal: Bring a friend who wants to do a photo shoot too and you will each get a discounted rate!


What should I do before the shoot?

Relax! Have a cocktail with your friend (But not too many!). Wear loose-fitting clothes (tight straps leave marks that may take 30 minutes to completely disappear). Eat a light meal, you will need the energy. Being beautiful is hard work! Bring any items you would like to shoot with: Do you play an instrument, surf, snowboard, knit? Your interests can provide the theme of the shoot. Or bring something that belongs to that special person. A hat or favorite team jersey. Does he wear a uniform that you can steal for a day? Accessories will always add “Oomph” to a picture and can provide inspiration for the shoot.  We have a shot list of wonderful classic looks, but we love to get creative too!


Note: Don't over shop!  We understand a photo shoot is a great reason to load up on all those tempting frilly, lacy, satin or leopard-print barely-theres, but realistically there will only be time for one, maybe two costume changes during the shoot.  Less is definitely more here.  A top-quality matched bra & panty set with lots of exquisite details, a great pair of classy pumps & some choice accessories will go a long way.


Where will my shoot be?

This depends on what you want to shoot. Many clients are most comfortable in their own homes, so our portable studio can easily come to you. Upscale hotels and B&Bʼs are also excellent places to shoot, and provide the added benefit of a relaxing night out after your shoot is finished. We can recommend several in the area. If you want to do an outdoor shoot, we have a comprehensive list of beautiful locations that are both accessible and offer a high degree of privacy.


How many photos will I get?

You can expect at least 20 quality final edits to choose from. We then create a custom professionally bound and printed photo album with your favorite 14-15 images. We also have a wide variety of photo products ranging from custom prints, coffee cups, calendars and even t-shirts all available on our online store.


How long until I get to see my photos?

We work efficiently. You can expect to see your proofs online within one week, if not sooner.


My pictures will be online!?

Yes. But nobody will be able to see them but you. We use Zenfolio and Mpix to provide commercial-grade secure image storage and print fulfillment. Your photos will be stored in a password-protected area and nobody else will have the password. The images on our website and Facebook page are all models or clients who have graciously agreed to let us display select images.  Client images are always kept absolutely confidential and are never used online without your consent.


Will you photograph my wedding/babies?

No, but we will shoot pictures that will help get you those things!  :)